Practices this week Tue & Thu 5:30-7pm -- Appareal Order Store Re-Opened! -
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Why Raptors Football?

* Builds Positive Character
* Physical Activity and Exercise
* Social Interaction with peers
* Guaranteed playing time and acceptance
* Learn the fundamentals of the sport
* Sportsmanship with other players
* The opportunity to become leaders

Field Directions

Football & Cheerleading

Students in grades 3-6 are eligible to participate in football and cheerleading for Rapids Raptors. Both Squads practice at Witter Field.


has been re-opened. Place your order by Sept 20, midnight.

We're hoping that orders will be delivered by Game Week 5.


starting Sept 4th: Tue & Thur 5:30-7:00pm


starting Sept 8th: check the GAME SCHEDULE for your time & location

Games in Marshfield = check the new directions!!!

Make sure to take care of your Volunteer responsibilities.